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DIDONE is an ERC-funded project aimed at determining the compositional techniques through which emotions were expressed in 18th-century opera seria. To this end, we have digitized approximately 3000 arias based on texts from Pietro Metastasio’s Didone abbandonata, Artaserse, Alessandro nell’Indie, Adriano in Siria, and Demofoonte.

This database serves a dual purpose. Firstly, using our catalog of versions published by Brepols, it can be utilized to search for versions of the aforementioned titles and their performances. For this purpose, criteria such as composers, singers, theaters and their territories/rules, sources, etc., can be employed. Additionally, the DIDONE database provides a unique collection of arias from the mentioned performances. These can be located using the same criteria as the performances, with the addition of features such as key, scoring, time signature, vocal range, and other musical attributes. Ultimately, the scores of the arias can be visualized as part of the database.

For inquiries about our arias and to explore our latest editions, please feel free to get in touch with us at: didone@iccmu.es.